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Cutting a tall cake

Remove any decorations that are inedible, ie. fresh flowers, Happy Birthday Topper. Using a large plate or, even better, a chopping board, place it close to the side of the cake. Using a sharp knife, cut straight down as per video, cut again in the opposite direction to create 'party slices'.

Belgian Chocolate Biscuit Cake

Slightly tougher to cut! Using a sturdy knife, place in hot water for a few minutes or run under a hot tap, wipe excess water off and cut! Allow your cake to come to room temperature before cutting.

Storing & serving your Buttercream/Ganache cake

Please store your cake in a box provided in the fridge unless otherwise specified. Take out approx two hours before serving. Unless a VERY hot day!  Remove from fridge and following our cutting guide, slice and allow to then come to room temperature.

How to store left over cake:

Wrap any extra slices in clingfilm or foil to preserve the freshness & return to the box provided. Sponge cake is best eaten within 48/72 hours of delivery, BUT can also be frozen once wrapped in cling film and placed in an airtight container. Chocolate biscuit cake will last up to two weeks if wrapped in cling film or placed in an airtight container.