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Christmas Festive Cakes


Limited amount only! 

Choose from three different flavours & two different designs Festive Red Berry or 'Rustic' Mistletoe with Reindeer Antelers. 

Flavours: Belgian Chocolate Biscuit, Vanilla Bean or Chocolate sponge! These festive cakes will be centre of dinner table this Christmas! Using the finest ingredients only these mini cakes will be a crowd pleaser.

These cakes are 5"x5" tall. The sponge will serve approx 10 coffee slices, Belgian Chocolate up to 15+. They will last once stored in fridge and can be enjoyed Christmas week with all the family!

Each cake will come in box with festive ribbon and label. 


Allergens: Dairy, Wheat, Soy & Barley. A more extensive list will be. on label when purchased. This puds are produced in area were nuts are present and used.